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Frequently Asked Questions

What are HappyBerry Hampers?

It is a quarterly subscription box full of crochet goodies, which is dispatched 4 times a year with seasonal themes for:

  • Spring - Dispatches March
  • Summer - Dispatches June
  • Autumn - Dispatches September
  • Winter - Dispatches December

This is so I can put the time and effort into producing something truly special. I don't want to rush things out for you each month. I want to be able to take the time to design and put together a real treat for you. It will also be a surprise each season!

What is in a HappyBerry Hamper?

Each HappyBerry Crochet Hamper will contain (without giving too much away):

  • One exclusive crochet project with all the yarn and materials to make it. This will come as a hard copy written pattern that you can read straight away, so no internet access required, but you will also be able to access it online as a PDF if you go away and forget to take it with you on your holidays. It will also come with exclusive video tutorials in case you find it hard to follow written patterns and even a secret way to contact me directly if you have any problems!
  • The hamper will also include balls or skeins of yummy scrummy yarn that will hopefully introduce to you something new. Maybe a new texture, or brand, or colourway! This yarn will be more than enough to complete the main project.
  • The hamper will also include all the materials you need for your crochet project, which could include stuffing, zips, material, needles, even crochet hooks so you really don't have to worry about not having the right things to hand. I may introduce to you a new way of crocheting altogether like Tunisian, or Knooking who knows! I'll be gentle at first don't worry.
  • The pattern will be aimed at testing beginners so hopefully everyone can enjoy giving it a try, whether you find it easier to read patterns or watch video tutorials.
  • If that wasn't enough already, you will also receive extra treats!! This could include extra mini pattern kits with all the materials to make them, from crochet to cross stitch or material projects or felt ornaments. There could be buttons, craft tools, fabrics, who knows! But you won't be disappointed I'm sure.
  • Everything contained in my hampers will have a retail value of approximately £50 with FREE UK shipping, plus the added value of that special HappyBerry touch to bring you a unique craft-loaded hamper that you can't buy anywhere else!
  • Hampers will be shipped using Royal Mail Second Class in the UK and Royal Mail International Standard for the rest of the world. Please contact us if you require tracked shipping (additional costs apply.)
  • Each hamper will be for a season based on our British seasons with a relevant seasonal theme, and will only be available for that season. It will also remain a surprise as to what is contained in the hamper until the next season comes along, so no spoilers here or on social media! A real surprise treat.
  • All crochet patterns will be provided in US and UK terminology.
Do you ship internationally?

Yes. All international deliveries are sent via Royal Mail International Standard, or via Second Class post if in the UK for free. Please contact me for alternative delivery options such as tracking at an additional charge.

Are your crochet boxes suitable for beginners?

Yes, but some basic crochet knowledge will be required. The patterns will be aimed at testing beginners so all levels can enjoy making the project. There will never be anything too overly complicated, but just in case you find it difficult to follow along all the hamper crochet patterns will be accompanied by exclusive video tutorials to visually aid you as well.

Are your hamper patterns in US or UK terminology?

Both. All crochet patterns in my hampers come in US and UK terminology regardless of where you are in the world. The video tutorials will explain both terminologies as well.

Can I send a hamper as a gift?

Yes, and you can also add a gift message to your hamper, which will be added to your hamper order as a small card. Simply select the option when checking out. This is a free option.

What hamper will I receive first and when will I be billed?

When you subscribe it will clearly state which hamper you will be subscribing or purchasing for that season, and this will be the first hamper you will receive and be billed for.

If you have purchased a one-off hamper, you will just be billed for that hamper for that season like a normal online shop payment, which will be dispatched on that season's date, and you will not be charged again.

If you have paid for a quarterly subscription you will be billed immediately for that season and then the same day every 3 months. For example, if you subscribed on the 4th February for Spring, you will be billed immediately for the Spring box, and then every 3 months on the 4th, so your next payment will be taken on the 4th of May for Summer, then 4th of August for Autumn etc until you cancel.

If you have paid for an annual subscription you will be billed immediately for the whole year, which will include 4 hampers in total. You will then be billed again the same day you first subscribed the following year and every year after until you cancel. For example, if you subscribed on the 4th February 2017 for Spring, you will be billed immediately for the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter box. If you subscribed on say the 10th August 2017 for Autumn you will be billed immediately for the Autumn, Winter, then Spring and Summer the following year. Once you have received 4 boxes you will then be billed again for another 4 hampers on the same day you first subscribed, but a year later so 4th February 2018, or 10th August 2018.

Please note that each hamper is dispatched on the specific season date, and NOT when you order.

I subscribed to your hampers, but I can't see my subscription in my account?

If you have a HappyBerry account this may be because you subscribed as a guest member and were not logged in when you made your purchase. The system will not automatically link guest payments to accounts, so please contact me so I can link your subscription to your account. You will then be able to see your subscription in your account.

Do I need to do anything next season to get my hamper?

If you have a quarterly or annual subscription there is nothing you need to do. You will automatically be sent your hamper on the next season's dispatch date.

If however you made a one-off purchase and hoped to receive the next hamper you will need to order again or subscribe. Please note however that hampers are limited so you may miss out if you do not subscribe. Please contact me if you have any urgent concerns about ordering.

I need to change my address, how do I do this?

If you have a HappyBerry account you can change your address at any time by logging in and editing it within your account. Please note however that you must edit your address at least a week before the dispatch date of the next season's hamper, otherwise your hamper could be sent to the original address in your account.

If you subscribed or checked out as a guest member you will not be able to change your address on file so please contact us as soon as possible if you wish to change the address you originally made your order with. If you wish, we can also set you up with an account so you can log in in the future and make any changes to your details yourself.

I'm a vegan. Can I find out what yarns you use in your hampers?

As all the hampers are kept a secret for that season I cannot disclose the contents prior to dispatch in the listing, however if you have any questions about the fibre content of the yarn for a particular season's hamper then do get in touch.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

All hampers are sent in high quality cardboard boxes, which can be re-used or recycled. We never use plastic delivery bags for our hampers or any polystyrene packaging, and inside we try to keep plastic product packaging to a minimum. Tissue paper used is acid-free and does not contain glitter.

There is an item missing from my hamper!

Although I double check each hamper before dispatch if you believe any item is missing from your hamper then please do get in touch. Each hamper contains a detailed list of items within, which you should find in your hamper.

I don't have PayPal, can I still order your hampers?

No. We only accept payment via PayPal.

I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do this?

If you have a HappyBerry account you can log in and click on the cancel subscription button at any time, which will take you to your PayPal account subscription page. Any pre-paid orders will be fulfilled and you will not be re-billed once you have cancelled. If you are a guest member you will need to log in to your PayPal account directly to cancel. All cancellations must be done via PayPal. Emailing us to say you would like to cancel does not cancel your subscription. You will only be directed to PayPal as we hold no control over billing and payments.

Can I have a refund if I change my mind?

All hampers are non-refundable as they are made to order so please choose your subscription package carefully before ordering. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

I bought a one-off hamper, but I want to subscribe. Is this possible and can I get a refund?

If you have made a one-off purchase and would like to change to a subscription package then do get in touch as we may be able to refund your one-off purchase, but only after you have subscribed to a package. Please remember hampers are limited so you may miss out if you do not subscribe.

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