Patreon Memberships

by Laura Eccleston

24 Jan 2022


Patreon Memberships
Launched in 2009 HappyBerry has grown to become one of the biggest crochet and knitting communities online and one of the largest suppliers of free patterns from a single designer, Laura Eccleston.

With over a million subscribers between channels and over 8 million hours of lessons watched, HappyBerry continues to follow the ethos of providing content that is easy to understand, is family friendly and accessible to everyone no matter their skill level or budget.

Today HappyBerry has produced over 500 videos and over 350 patterns with many of those tutorials amassing millions of views, helping many to learn a new skill, recover from illness or to just feel a part of a new community and enjoy a new passion.

I have always believed that crochet and knitting should be accessible to everyone, and patterns should be uncomplicated and easy to understand no matter someone's skill level, language or physical location. Creating a happy place for young and old alike has always been my main priority.

Every tutorial is unique and independently designed by myself from my own ideas and concepts. I would often think of something to design and focus many hours on achieving that result, with the strong emphasis on it being accessible for beginners at least on some level.

Each tutorial usually takes a couple of weeks to produce, depending on the design. Most often I will create the final piece, meticulously check the design and then follow my own design within the actual filming of the tutorial.

The filming itself can take many hours to produce, with lighting checks, audio checks and camera checks, followed by many hours of editing often very long tutorials.

But I want to do more, however Google ad-revenue alone has never been sufficient to grow the channel and often a lot of what I have produced has relied heavily on previous donations and the kindness of others with their technical abilities.

This has been made worse in recent years by the fact that YouTube itself is incredibly volatile with videos being demonetised at any time without warning and rising costs of equipment and website hosting have often meant my website has gone down as more and more people use the site. I can't afford to keep up and HappyBerry is suffering.

So Patreon crowd-funding allows HappyBerry to be funded by you directly! - the amazing people who regularly watch and enjoy what I create. This enables me to maintain my creative approach and not to worry about a huge corporate entity like Google taking that away from us and forcing me into giving up designing.

Supporters are also rewarded with extra content, including:
- my new monthly LIVE Q&A and crafty chit-chat show where I answer your questions
- monthly behind the scenes exclusive videos that will show what life is really like for a designer and crafty YouTuber like me
- early bird access to ad-free tutorials, patterns and my monthly podcast so you'll be the first to enjoy all my latest designs
- gratitude mentions on all my videos
- as well as you'll have the exclusive rights to vote on what you want to see happen on HappyBerry! 

And who knows, if the channel ends up becoming a powerful global media empire, I can finally say goodbye to Google and build you all a club house in Hungary, in which you can come and enjoy the local wines, traditional music and of course an abundance of yarn! Wouldn't that be amazing?!

Become a Patron!

Many thanks for your help and support! I love you all so much 🙏😌
Laura Eccleston and Mihály Daruka

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