Autumn Crochet Patterns

16 Free Autumn & Fall Crochet Patterns

Autumn (or Fall) is that beautiful time of year when the leaves start turning from green to wonderful shades of yellow, orange, red and brown. To celebrate these glorious colours I have compiled a list of autumnal crochet patterns for you to spend those autumn afternoons as the sun goes down crocheting until your heart is content. Oh, and as always the best thing about my patterns, other than being easy to follow, is that they're totally free!

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Free Autumn Crochet eBook

BONUS Free Autumn Crochet eBook

This FREE eBook contains 8 of my autumnal crochet patterns to get you in the mood for autumn, including: - Simple Leaf, Maple Leaf, Acorn, Oak Leaf, Horse Chestnut Conker, Agaric Mushroom. Plus 2 new exclusive designs! New Mini Pumpkin and Portobello Mushroom

FREE Autumn Crochet eBook

Agaric Crochet Mushroom

Agaric Crochet Mushroom

This pretty little mushroom is based on the famous fly agaric toadstool with its distinctive red cap with white spots. This is easy to crochet for beginners, and can be added to a keychain for a fun key ring. Don't pay for pale imitations, get my original mushroom crochet pattern absolutely free. Download the written pattern or watch my YouTube video tutorial.

Get the FREE Agaric Mushroom Crochet Pattern

Agaric Crochet Mushroom Video

Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf

Maple trees are beautiful in autumn and this easy maple leaf crochet pattern can be crocheted in a variety of autumnal colours. Again, this pattern has been much imitated, but why pay when you can get my original maple leaf pattern absolutely free. Download the written pattern or watch my YouTube video tutorial.

Get the FREE Maple Leaf Crochet Pattern

Maple Leaf Video

Horse Chestnut (Conker)

Horse Chestnut (Conker)

Horse chestnut trees produce these wonderful "conkers" - the name given to the seeds of the tree after the traditional children's game (which my British and Irish followers have probably played!) This free pattern shows you how to crochet the spiky shell as well as the conker itself. Watch my YouTube video tutorials.

Get the FREE Horse Chestnut (Conker) Crochet Pattern

Horse Chestnut (Conker) Video 1 Horse Chestnut (Conker) Video 2

Oak Leaf

Oak Leaf

The grand old oak tree. A stalwart of autumn, the oak tree produces these pretty, recognisable leaves. Find out how to crochet an oak leaf using my easy crochet pattern or video tutorial.

Get the FREE Oak Leaf Crochet Pattern

Oak Leaf Video



We can't have an oak leaf pattern without an acorn - a favourite of squirrels, who squirrel away these little nuts for the winter. Compliment my oak leaf crochet pattern with this adorable little acorn. Download the free pattern or watch the free tutorial.

Get the FREE Acorn Crochet Pattern

Acorn Video

Leafy Steps Baby Shoes

Leafy Steps Baby Shoes

Give your child or grandchild that autumnal look with these super cute baby shoes. Available for ages from 0-2 years old, this pattern is suitable for beginners.

Get the FREE Leafy Steps Baby Shoes Crochet Pattern

Mini Crochet Pumpkin

Mini Crochet Pumpkin

This mini pumpkin crochet pattern is another great addition to your autumn or halloween decorations. Great for beginners - whip this one up quickly with the help of my YouTube tutorial.

Get the FREE Mini Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Mini Crochet Pumpkin Video

Simple Leaf

Simple Leaf

Do you need a simple leaf crochet pattern, maybe to compliment my maple and oak leaves? If so, you've come to the right place! This leaf can be crocheted in a variety of colours to add to your autumn project. Use them to embelish other crochet projects, such as hats, booties or cardigans.

Get the FREE Simple Leaf Crochet Pattern

Simple Leaf Video

Little Fieldmouse Baby Shoes

Little Fieldmouse Baby Shoes

These adorable field mouse baby shoes are one of my most popular crochet patterns and you can see why. They make a super cute addition to any child's autumn wardrobe. Suitable for intermediate crocheters, this pattern is for 0-6 months.

Get the FREE Little Fieldmouse Baby Shoes Crochet Pattern

Autumnal Leaf Hat

Autumnal Leaf Hat

This cute cap adorned with leaves is another stylish item for a child's autumn wardrobe. This hat is suitable for ages 3 - 10 years. Download the free written crochet pattern below:

Get the FREE Autumnal Leaf Hat Crochet Pattern

Mini Snail

Mini Snail

How about this cute mini garden snail? With his little tentacles and cute little shell, you'll think you have visitors from the garden. Easy to crochet for beginners, get started with my free crochet pattern and video tutorial.

Get the FREE Mini Snail Crochet Pattern

Mini Snail Video

Small Mouse

Small Mouse

Say hello to this small mouse. Popular with cats and humans alike, whip up lots of these little critters in different colours, but keep them away from the cheese. This free crochet pattern is available on YouTube.

Get the FREE Small Mouse Crochet Pattern

Small Mouse Video

Apple Pot

Apple Pot

Is it an apple? Is it a pot? It's both! Combine fruit and useful storage with this unique apple pot crochet pattern. Almost good enough to eat (but don't - it's too wooly) and best of all, free. Download the pattern and get crocheting. What will you keep in yours?

Get the FREE Apple Pot Crochet Pattern

Mini Apple

Mini Apple

Another fruity apple pattern, but this time without the storage option. This quick crochet pattern is great for beginners.

Get the FREE Mini Apple Crochet Pattern

Large Crochet Pumpkin

Life-size Crochet Pumpkin

Large enough for an autumn harvest hamper, this lifesize crochet pumpkin is so big that the video tutorial is split into 2 parts. Make sure you have plenty of orange yarn!

Get the FREE Large Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

Large Crochet Pumpkin Video 1 Large Crochet Pumpkin Video 2

Remembrance Day Poppy

Remembrance Day Poppy

Remembrance Day (or "Poppy Day") commerates those that died in the First World War in their line of duty to keep our countries free, and is related to Armistice Day, Veterans day and Memorial Day. The red poppy has become a common emblem of Remembrance Day and you can crochet your own poppy to wear or to sell to raise money for veterans.

Get the FREE Remembrance Day Poppy Crochet Pattern

Remembrance Day Poppy Video

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