About The Designer

Laura Eccleston

I have been creative all my life and I've had a love for yarn since I was a child. I still remember having bags of multi-coloured yarn that my sister would often tease me about but I loved yarn. I was fascinated by my mother knitting and I would often sit happily alone in my room playing with French knitting kits, finger knitting endless worms or making friendship bracelets.

Having moved a lot as a child, starting many new schools, childhood hobbies sadly got put aside for practicalities of life growing up, but my creative background took me on to Art College where I entered into a world of modern design, working with computers and then the internet as it began to form in its early years.

I spent over 12 years developing skills in computer design, working for some top design agencies in London but outpriced and dispritied by the rat race of London I decided to head back to the rural English countryside, where life changed for the better.

HappyBerry began its journey in the Spring of 2010, the same year my daughter came into the world. Being a stay-at-home Mum gave me the time to re-focus my busy life and rediscover my passion for yarn and traditional crafts. With a desire to make my daughter clothes and toys to play with I decided to fully immerse myself in crochet. Although a less popular craft in the UK compared to knitting, to me it was easier, having only one stitch to worry about, and back then I truly believed that crochet would take the UK by storm in time.

However my technical mind came to haunt me as I quickly became frustrated with working with other people’s patterns so I turned within myself for inspiration. I wanted to move away from old fashioned, quite traditional designs to more contemporary designs that other young people would want to try. I wanted and still want crochet to become something that young people and older people can enjoy so I started designing, and then I started sharing, not expecting much of a response.

Since 2010 I have been in awe of the scale of my audience with a reach now of over 400,000 people and growing. However I am still me behind the computer, behind the hooks and behind the mass of creative nonsense that sits in my notebooks. I value so much each and every one who either just passes through and downloads a pattern or stays to follow my creative madness.

HappyBerry has gone on to have patterns published in crochet magazines such as Inside Crochet magazine, Inspired Crochet magazine (now known as Entwine) and Mollie Makes. I’ve also designed for DMC Creative and online yarn retailer Deramores but my true desire will always be sharing my designs for free with whoever wishes to listen. Thank you everyone for your continuing support, I love you guys! (^-^)

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