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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some patterns free, but then others free behind a pay wall? I don't understand!

There are two member tiers on HappyBerry, FREE members and Plus members. FREE members have access to most written patterns online, which will display ads alongside them. There is the option to order a printable PDF if you choose to do so, but some patterns are only available as PDFs because they are exclusive Member Plus patterns. Plus members pay a monthly fee and enjoy exclusive benefits such as LIVE tutor driven content, behind the scenes vlogs, the HappyBerry podcast, crochet-a-longs and exclusive patterns with PDFs at no extra charge, ad-free.

Can I sell the items I make from your patterns?

Yes, but only if you are an individual seller or small business. Permission is not required, however credit is appreciated to HappyBerry as the designer with links to our website or social media. HappyBerry patterns must NOT be re-sold in any form! This is a direct breach of our copyright.

Why do you not offer left-handed tutorials?

Many YouTubers simply flip video tutorials for left-handed crocheters and do not fully test if they are suitable. As HappyBerry believe in quality content and cannot fully test left-handed versions ourselves we would not feel comfortable putting something out there that has not been fully tested, especially as most of our patterns are more advanced and not easily mirrored. As a daughter of a left-handed father, we of course fully appreciate and value our left-handed crocheters who can and do follow along to existing tutorials and appreciate your patience.

I watched one of your video tutorials and I want to change it, can you help?

However much we would love to work with everyone on a one-to-one basis who ask us this, we sadly do not have the time to help, so if you wish to adapt one of our patterns to suit your individial needs then I'm afraid you will need to work on it alone or ask the HappyBerry community for help.

Would you consider a collaboration?

Yes. Please contact us via our social media channels if you wish to do a collaboration in any form, although this doesn't guarantee a yes.

Would you consider sponsorship?

Consideration as to the nature of the sponsorship we are happy to discuss, although this doesn't guarantee a yes.

I entered my email address correctly. Why haven't I received my verification email?

Please allow up to 24 hours for the email to be delivered. In most cases the email should arrive in minutes, but as HappyBerry is truly global it sometimes gets delayed.

The verification email may also have been marked as spam so you need to check your spam folder and 'whitelist' or add the HappyBerry email address to your safe senders, and then you can try resending the verification email again. We also recommend that you do not copy and paste your details from elsewhere when registering as this can add unwanted characters or spaces. The email address you need to add to your safe senders is

The most common problems are with Hotmail, Windows Live, and MSN. If you use one of those then try one of the following solutions:

  1. Check The Junk Folder: If you see a HappyBerry email in this folder, click Show content to view the body of the email. Click Mark as safe. The Sender will now be added to your list of Safe senders.
  2. Manually Add to Safe List: Click Options in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen. In the body of the page under Junk e-mail click the link Safe and blocked senders. Click the link Safe senders. Enter the HappyBerry email address ( ). Click Add to list.

If you need to get the verification email resent then please use this link: Resend my verification email

When I signed up to HappyBerry, I got a Google Security Notification. What is this?

It is possible to have malware on your computer or adverts served by Google, that pop-up messages to trick you into clicking on them. The safest thing to do is pause and look at the notification closely to see if it is just an advert or malware and if in doubt don't click on it.

If it is a legitimate Google Notification then this has been added by Google to your browser to try to help you keep your passwords safe. You may get the notification if you have used the same password on more than one website, or if you have other accounts with the same email or password elsewhere that have been hacked in the past then you may be advised to change your passwords you use online. You can read more here:

Please be assured that at HappyBerry we keep your details and password as secure as possible using the latest technologies. All data transmitted to and from HappyBerry is secured via SSL and encrypted using 2048-bit encryption. Your password is encrypted and stored securely using the latest encyption cyphers that are currently un-crackable. Our server is hosted in the most secure facilities with 24 hour monitoring, multiple firewalls and Tipping Point intrusion prevention system and Automated DDoS mitigation. We also employ SiteLock software, which scans our site daily for malware and viruses.

What can I do? You should use different passwords for your most important online accounts such as banking. Use "strong" passwords, which means make them as long as possible and try to include some different charatcers and numbers. Don't use basic passwords such as "password" or "12345". Also, try to change your passwords regularly as possible and never give them out to anyone else or send them out via email.

Can I use your patterns for projects in my knitting or crochet groups?

Depends. Online knitting and crochet groups may NOT use our patterns for sharing amongst members, but offline, face-to-face knitting and crochet groups may share HappyBerry patterns if printed off and not altered in any way, but must not be shared beyond the group in question.

How do you download a pattern? I can't see where to download!

FREE patterns are only available to view online and cannot be printed or copied. To print a pattern, a PDF version, if available, can be ordered. You must be logged in to view patterns. If there is a PDF to accompany the pattern you will see the order button next to the pattern information. This is a manual process so please allow time for your PDF instructions to be delivered to your email and added to your account.

I purchased a PDF, but I can't seem to download it, what am I doing wrong?

Instructions on how to download your PDF will be emailed to you after your purchase. Make sure to check your spam and junk folders. You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF patterns, but sometimes this may not install correctly into your browser. If a blank page is opening or nothing is happening when you click the download links, try right clicking on the download button and choose 'save target as' or 'save link as', then save the PDF to your computer and open it manually from wherever you saved it.

Unfortunately we cannot give support for personal IT issues with printing or opening PDFs on your computer or tablet devices, further than this.

Can I download your patterns via my iPhone or tablet?

Yes. The website is mobile and tablet friendly where full function should be available. If you are experiencing problems viewing a purcahsed PDF on a mobile or tablet device please check you have a PDF viewer installed on your device. If you are still experiencing problems try downloading from a different device.

Do you sell the actual items shown?


Can I translate your patterns into French, German, Spanish etc to put on my own blog/website?

No. This is a breach of our copyright. HappyBerry already recieves a lot of visitors from all over the world who can follow the patterns even if English is not their first language and all HappyBerry patterns must remain solely on our website and social channels so it benefits us directly. If you notice HappyBerry patterns appearing in different languages on other blogs and channels we would appreciate it if you forwarded us the details so we can look at legal action for copyright infringement if necessary.

Why do you use US terminology when you're British?

We use US terminology because is more widely known and used throughout the world, however many of our more recent video tutorials and written patterns are in US and UK terminology.

I have found a photo of a crochet design I like, can you make a tutorial?

No, we do not share other people's patterns or designs under ANY circumstances. Please contact the owner of the original pattern.

What brands of yarns do you use and can you try mine for reviewing purposes?

We use many different brands to give variety in our videos. If you wish to send us your own yarn brand to review then please get in contact via our social media channels.

Can I share your pattern on my YouTune channel or Blog?

No. Simply giving credit is not acceptable as sharing patterns in video or written form is a breach of our copyright. You can of course showcase your finished projects as you wish, and giving credit to HappyBerry is a nice gesture.

Are you interested in joining a Network Partnership with your YouTube channel?


Can you subtitle your video tutorials in English for the hard of hearing?

Specific requests for certain videos will be short-listed, but yes in time we hope to subtitle our most popular, if not all, of our videos.

Can I have a written version of a video tutorial or vice versa?

If written versions exist to coexist with a video tutorial then the link will be in the description of the video in question. If there is no link then there is no written version (as of yet). Please do not request a written version if it does not exist as it will be in the rather extensive To Do list, and likewise please don't request video tutorials for written patterns as the same applies. Thank you.