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Book Review: Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies by Lalylala

by Laura Eccleston

05 Jun 2023


Book Review: Beetles, Bugs & Butterflies by Lalylala
Courtesy of the publisher David & Charles in the UK I received this beautiful book called Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies by the very talented Lydia Tresselt at Lalylala. I've long been a fan of her work and when David & Charles reached out to me to review a book from their collection, I had no hesitation in choosing this book. It is simply beautifully put together.

"A crochet story of tiny creatures and big dreams" as Lydia describes the book, and that is exactly where the story takes us. The beginning of the book takes you on a journey of discovery, of birth and creation and the realities of growing up in the big wide world and the big decisions we have to make, through the eyes of an adorable caterpillar and her friends.

As the little caterpillar is born she sees her friends quickly decide what they want to do when they grow up, the snail is restless and keen to get going, a fly wishes to be famous and is quick to soar high in the world (I have to say this part took a dark turn!), and a pretty beetle with a plan, but the caterpillar is impatient, she doesn't want to stay behind so instead takes her time, munching on a leaf and contemplating her future.

All of the characters featured in this beautiful story are available as crochet patterns in the second half of the book, even the aphids and the leaves, and the instructions come simple and easy to understand. There is a lot of backwards and forwards in this book, but I think that represents the sheer quantity of patterns within this book and I didn't find it overwhelming. All patterns are in US terminology and there is also the added bonus of chart diagrams to help you visualise any complicated parts.

I of course chose the hardest butterfly to crochet, and I did struggle a little on the wings, it definitely took some time to work through all the pieces required, but my patience was worth it because even though I used a different cotton yarn as what was suggested, I completed a beautiful butterfly that  now sits proudly in my craft room. 

This book is a beautiful addition to any crocheter's collection, especially if you have young children because they can not only enjoy the stunning photography in this book and the adorable story, but also enjoy your hard work at the end with some adorable creatures that have their own back story. Easy to understand instructions, creative designs and characters, it was a huge delight to enjoy this book briefly before it was given away in our first HappyBerry Plus milestone giveaway. I hope it goes on to bring joy to the winner and many more butterflies and bugs can be crocheted.

A truly beautiful book 10/10 

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