Crochet Block - Finding Inspiration

by Laura Eccleston

07 Mar 2020


Crochet Block - Finding Inspiration
We can all relate to that feeling of wanting to create something, but either having zero inspiration or inclination to get started, but there is a way forward.

Losing your crochet mojo I think happens to all of us at some point. Either due to other commitments getting in the way and when we do finally relax , starting a project can sometimes be too much like hard work. Perhaps negative thoughts can make us feel that making something is pointless, even when we want to. After-all that WIP basket is not getting any smaller, so why even start right? We can often end up in a negative spiral that can be hard to get out of. So what can we do? How can we rekindle our love for crochet, get inspired and find that magic project that ignites our heart again?

Looking at Pinterest or Instagram may be an obvious choice and may be your first port of call when looking for ideas, but it can actually have a negative side effect. As we scroll through all those gorgeous projects, we can often end up feeling even more deflated and overwhelmed as we see others happily crocheting away and sharing all their beautiful projects. There is too much choice! A blessing and a curse in equal measures.

I think rather than looking at large projects like blankets or cardigans, that we know will either take months to finish or never be finished at all, make some time during your day to switch off social media, put those complicated patterns away and have a good sit down with your yarn stash. It may be in need of a good sorting through anyway and I often find yarns that I forgot I even had and that can get me excited straight away. We won't worry about big project ideas at the moment. Let's select a few yarns we like and put them aside. It may even take a few days for us to step further than that, but at least they're nearby, hopefully still making you feel a little better about crafting. They don't have to be complete balls, in fact the smaller they are the better. Let's use up those yarn scraps because my next suggestion is to simply make a washcloth.

Choosing a simple, quick project like a washcloth helps stop us getting too overwhelmed by complicated patterns. They can be finished quickly, provide a useful finished product and even be given or sold to other people as gifts. I often find we can never have too many washcloth, either for the bathroom or the kitchen. Cotton yarns are best, but if all you have is acrylic that can work too. 

So now we don't have to commit to any difficult patterns, let's just think about crochet stitches instead. What stitches do you like to crochet the most? You may be bored of the simple stitches and want to try something new or maybe you fancy just making something without thinking too much. There are lots of stitch directories online, but maybe you have a stitch book at home that you can browse through for ideas over a good cuppa. There are also a few suggestions on my website here: to get you started.

Now let's make that swatch. It can be as big or a small as you want. Smaller swatches make great make-up remover pads. Maybe you'll even be inspired to think about colour combinations and lacy picot edgings. We could potentially be back on track as the ideas start to flow.

Because washcloths finish quickly the satisfaction of completing something and showing it off can really rekindle our love for crafting. I find crocheting wash cloths can lead on to designing simple clutch bags, which are essentially a long rectangle folded over twice, with the edges sewn up.

Hopefully these simple suggestions will help with your creative mojo. You may be enthused to try bigger projects or you may stick with just washcloths, perfecting your stitch inventory. Just stay at the flow that works for you and try not to push yourself too soon. Remember that crochet will always be there. The only pressure is what you give yourself and crochet should never be a chore. Think small, try a little and the rest will come. 

If this article has inspired you then do make sure to share you "post-cro mojos" over on Instagram with the hashtag #happyberrycrochet I'd love to see them!

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