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Crochet Mushrooms

by Laura Eccleston

11 Sep 2021


Crochet Mushrooms
I think I've had an obsession with designing and crocheting mushrooms ever since I was commissioned by a friend of mine to make a dozen agaric mushrooms for her sister's hen party before her wedding. A strange request you may ask for a pre-wedding gift for us all, but ever since I have known her she has loved and adored cute red mushrooms and I can see why, whether they are hanging off Christmas trees, adorning the house in wreaths or in this case a key-ring for each member of the hen party I grew to love their bright colours and unusual shapes too, and more importantly, I started to love crocheting them.

Since the hen party mushroom design I have designed quite a few different types of mushrooms. Of course my most famous mushroom is the said agaric mushroom, which you can find as an individual pattern, tutorial or as part of my Autumn Crochet eBook.

I love this mushroom design because it is so realistic (if I say so myself!) and it is an easy project for beginners to try. Sadly, it is also probably one of my most ripped off designs along with my Maple Leaf design, but I'm still very proud of the time and effort that went into this design and the meaning behind its creation. To this day it still reminds me of my friend's wedding and those happy times spent with friends.

Also in my Autumn eBook you will find a couple of other mushroom designs. Firstly my Garland Roundhead mushroom design, which has this cute additional ring underneath it's cap, which I really love. It just instantly makes me think of fairies in the forest! I always remember my mother telling me on walks as a child in the forest that if you see a ring of mushrooms then you have found a fairies' home. How amazed and excited I was when I found my first fairy ring of mushrooms!

The third mushroom in my Autumn eBook is my Portobello Mushroom. I love these mushrooms in real life as they are super tasty and really big! Served simply baked or grilled with cheese and garlic is a must if you haven't tried them already, but back to the low fat version you could also adopt this crochet design and make it smaller to make cute chestnut mushrooms. Absolutely have a play with different yarn colours to make different types of mushrooms. 


Stepping away from my eBook mushrooms, I've also designed an adorable mini mushroom just for fun, which you can find as a pattern or video tutorial. This video tutorial has definitely become one of my most popular tutorials and yet it was such a simple and quick design! I am so happy you like it and I would love to know what you used your mini mushrooms for or which is your favourite HappyBerry crochet mushroom design over-all!

Join me on Instagram and let's talk mushrooms! Happy crocheting everyone!

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