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Easy Craft Business Ideas - Paper Beads

by Laura Eccleston

14 Aug 2023


Easy Craft Business Ideas - Paper Beads
I thought  I would start a new series on our website suggesting some easy craft business ideas, loosely based around crochet that hopefully you might find useful and fun, even if you don't plan to sell any of the items you make!

Today I thought we would learn about making Paper Beads and how we can make them look like porcelain with just a few simple extra materials. The beauty about these beads is that not only do they look professional and glass like, but they are also super easy and quick to make. You also don't know how they will look until you have finished, so every bead design you make is a surprise!

In this tutorial we will be looking at raised paper beads. There is a video tutorial at the bottom of this page if you are more of a visual learner.

Paper Beads that look like Porcelain

You will need;
- 40-60 gsm paper, wrapping paper, newspaper and magazines are all good paper sources.
- Sewing eyelets (I used 5mm but you can use any size)
- UV resin
- UV light
- Old knitting needle (I used a 5.5mm needle)
- PVA/Elmer's kids glue
- 2 old brushes for the resin and glue
- Protective gloves, glasses & well ventilated area
- Skewer or cocktail stick

Warning! Liquid UV resin is toxic, similar to bleach, so keep away from children and pets. Use protective gloves, glasses and in a well ventilated area to avoid irritation. Once UV resin is cured (dried) it is considered safe and non-toxic. Do not flush UV resin down the sink or wash brushes as it is toxic to the environment and aquatic life.

OK safety information over. Let's get crafting!

Step 1
Cut 3 lengths of paper about 22cm in length (length is not essential) and 2cm in width (this will be the length of your bead), then cut one of them in half from corner to corner to form a long triangle shape. Level off the end of your triangle piece.


Step 2
Wrap one of the rectangle pieces of paper around an old knitting needle, making sure to keep it tight (but not too tight that you rip the paper). Secure with a little kids glue. Pulling your paper tube off your needle, push down any edges sticking out, being careful not to bend your paper tube. Once dry check your sewing eyelet fits into the middle of your bead. Using a 0.5 mm bigger needle than your chosen eyelets should be a perfect fit. Be careful not to damage the inside of the bead.


Step 3
Glue your next rectangle piece of paper into place and wrap around your first paper tube. You can either do this on or off the needle. As you wrap the second piece of paper, check if the thickness of your bead reaches the edge of your sewing eyelet. Cut any excess paper off as needed. You may not need it all, but if your paper is especially thin you may even need a third rectangle piece of paper. Secure with a little kids glue. 


Step 4
Glue your triangle piece of paper into place, the thickest end first and wrap around your paper tube, making sure to keep the paper centered. The end of your triangle wants to sit right in the middle of your bead at the end. Secure with a little kids glue.

Step 5
Using gloves and glasses, and in a well ventilated area, brush on a thin layer of UV resin onto the main area of the bead and just slightly over the edges. There is no need to resin up to the hole as you will be adding eyelets. Cure with a UV light for 2 - 3 minutes. Whilst drying, keep the lid on your UV resin pot to avoid any excess fumes escaping. Once dry, add a second thin layer over the first and cure under the UV light again for a good 4 - 5 minutes just to be sure.


Step 6
Using kids glue, add a little glue on the ends and inside the bead. Push on your sewing eyelets and remove any excess glue on the inside with a skewer or cocktail stick.


Step 7
Enjoy your amazing new porcelain like beads!

Alternative bead ideas
You can use many different materials with your paper beads. You don't even have to use paper! You could use card or fabric, and why not add glitter or wild flowers to your finished bead before adding the resin. Get creative and let me know what beads you create by sharing your makes on Instagram under the hashtag #happyberrycrochet I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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