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A Festival of Granny Squares

by Laura Eccleston

12 Aug 2020


A Festival of Granny Squares
With my latest Sun Star granny square and Moon Flower granny square being released, I thought it would be fun to have a look back over all the granny squares I have designed over the last decade to see if maybe one will catch your eye for a project this summer!


Squares within a Square

I can't believe it's been 6 years since we saw this fun little take on the traditional granny square, which really does hit you with that funky vibe. It is also super fun to make if you use multiple colours and it's also super beginner friendly. A perfect move on from the traditional square.

Traditional Granny Square - Version 2

That same year we saw version 2 of moving on from traditional squares with this little cutie. These cleverly placed groups of stitches give a fun illusion and flower like appearance and is also super beginner friendly.

Embossed Flower Granny Square

It was around this time that I looked to merge granny squares with my flower designs and I really liked the idea of textual squares, which could be used as sensory objects in blankets for little ones. So this little square was designed! It's a little more tricky to crochet, but it will hopefully create a striking addition to your projects.

The Traditional Granny Square

And of course we can't not mention the traditional granny square itself. I've always run before I've walked, so it's no surprise that this granny square comes somewhat late to the party, but I hope you enjoy it none the less. This version is super easy for beginners and works up in no time.

Circle Granny Square

Next I returned to mixing up different shapes inside granny squares and we welcomed this little project with its contemporary design. I've always loved impactful modern designs and this will surely be no exception.


Vintage Granny Square

Not to get too modern in my designs, I welcomed in the year of 2015 with a more delicate vintage design. It's good to still appreciate more intricate and delicate designs that still very much have a place on our hooks. Possibly one of my most popular designs, this square, which sadly never quite got made in that blanket is still one of my favourites and hopefully one day I will finally complete that blanket! You can also find the written version here:

Spiral Granny Square

This crazy number uses multiple yarns to make a square and was inspired by my love of mathematics and the Fibonacci sequences found in nature, Its rather trippy design will definitely wake up your hooks and yarn and depending on how many balls of yarn you use it can easily be adapted into triangles or hexagons. Find the written pattern here:


Heart Square

This year definitely started with more textual squares. Moving on from embossed flowers, I designed this cute little heart within a square. A loving and personal project that is just perfect to be made into a blanket for someone special. 

Popcorn Granny Square

We also enjoyed my Popcorn granny square design, giving even more texture to our blankets and you can find the written version here too:

Bear Granny Square

This little cutie also appeared in 2016 and to this day is still one of my favourites. It will surely delight any little people in your life with its cute design. You can also find the written version here:

Granny Square Bracelet

I think it's also worth including my teeny tiny granny square bracelet design here. Based on the traditional granny square this is a brilliant project for young and old alike and will certainly make a statement of your love for crochet when you're out and about.

2 Colour Spiral Granny Square

A few months on from my first spiral granny square design, I accepted requests for learning how to make it into a two colour sample and so here is my two coloured spiral granny square design done in two ways! 

Starburst Granny Square

Still in 2016, it definitely was a year for squares! and I shared with you this intricate design. This is such a fun design and is a true mix of traditional stitches,  wrapped up in a circle and then wrapped up neatly again in a square. Its mandala like appearance will hopefully really inspire you, especially when you use lots of different yarn colours. It's also a good 'moving on from traditional squares' project.

Sunburst Granny Square

Last but not least we finished 2016 with this colourful number and using warm shades it really did pop! I love how it looks so textual and warm if I do say so myself and I hope you will give this one a try over all my other designs as I think you will love the results as much as me. You can also find the written version here:


Puff Granny Square

I'm not sure where my creative juices were heading at the beginning of 2017, but trying something really out there I designed my Puff granny square, which was a mix of puff stitches and the jasmine stitch, and although not a beginner friendly project by any means it really will take you down a crochet rabbit hole of unusual!

Festive Granny Squares

Then all was quite quiet on the square front until the festive season in winter where we had some rather fun Halloween squares and Christmas squares to get you in the festive spirit. Starting out with my Pumpkin granny square.

And my Skull granny square made an appearance. Hmmm, I'm really not sure where my creative mind was in 2017! but I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Come Christmas I shared 4 festive squares that made a set, starting with my favourite my Snowflake granny square. Another fun textured project!

Of course we can't leave Santa out!

Some Christmas trees too with this fun C2C project.

You have to add a snowman or two as well.

All these designs are designed to fit together so you can really have fun this Christmas!


2-Colour Triangle Square

It wasn't until last year that I returned to filming granny squares and I started out with another take on the traditional granny square, really just playing with colour and creating a modern style. Here is my 2-Colour Triangle Square.

Half a Granny Square Triangle

I also looked into a request for learning how to fill those gaps in blankets that need just half a traditional granny square, so with that in mind I designed this little project. It may not be square, but hopefully useful!


Sun Star Granny Square

Finally we celebrate two new additions to the HappyBerry granny square collection with my twinned squares, my Sun Star granny square and Moon Flower granny square! You can find the written version here for the Sun square and I will soon release my Moon square written version as well.

Of course amongst all the squares are lots of hexagons, triangles and other shapes, as well as even more squares! so I hope you will check out my other tutorials and patterns if none of these tickled your fancy. Happy crocheting everyone (^-^) 

You can view all my written patterns on squares here:

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