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My Top 10 HappyBerry Heart Crochet Patterns

by Laura Eccleston

10 Feb 2022


My Top 10 HappyBerry Heart Crochet Patterns
Over the years I have designed so many heart related crochet patterns, so with Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought I would pick out my top ten favourite heart related crochet patterns from the HappyBerry collection.

Coming in at number 10 is my..
3D Heart

I picked this one because  it was one of my first heart crochet patterns I had ever designed so it brings back sweet memories of hanging this in my daughter's bedroom when she was very young. 

The pattern is perfect for adding a small bag of lavender or scented herbs inside too. 

Download Here

Number 9
Tiny Heart

For pattern number 9 I think I'll choose my teeny tiny heart!  This pattern is so quick to crochet and so incredibly cute it just has to be added to your To-Do list this Valentine's Day. It's really lovely to add to gifts or to cards as well. I've re-designed this a few times so there's a few variations!

Number 8
Simple Chunky Heart

This perfect heart shape would be really lovely as a seasonal coaster, turned into bunting or just as a heart in itself. It's very quick to crochet, especially if you're choosing a chunky yarn, which this works lovely with.

Download Here

Number 7
Lacy Heart

I had actually forgotten I had designed this pretty little heart! That's how many heart themed crochet patterns I have designed over the years, but it absolutely has to be added to the top ten best because it is just so pretty!

This pattern would be delightful if added to gift wrap, whatever the season or reason.

Number 6
Padded Crochet Hearts -  With Picots

I should probably start renaming some of my 'padded hearts' crochet patterns because I have so many padded hearts now it's hard to remember which is which, but this cutey is definitely known for its pretty picots. Another great project to add lavender scent to as well with its 3D design.

Download Here

Number 5
Heart Bracelet

I'm going to pick my heart bracelet design I think for number 5. I absolutely love this project because it works beautifully as a wearable piece, but it can also be used as edging to a pillow or wash cloth. It can be a little fiddly to master at first, but once you remember the pattern then you'll not want to stop crocheting these cute little linked hearts.

Download Here

Number 4
Small Padded Heart

I only realised today that this adorable little padded heart didn't have its own written pattern, so I quickly rectified that. It is such a great staple project because it's very quick and easy to crochet and they look wonderful if made in lost of different pinks, reds and purples. Absolutely one of my favourite designs of mine.

Download Here

Number 3
Heart Granny Square

I don't think any crochet top ten list would be complete without some kind of granny square, so what better than my heart granny square tutorial. I love this cute design as it can be made into pillows or blankets, making that Valentine project even extra special. I do wish I'd added an extra round though, what do you think?

Number 2
Heart Wash Cloth

This washcloth design is absolutely one of my favourite wash cloth designs to date because the texture of the main design is just so perfect for a wash cloth. It works great if using for personal use or as a kitchen wash cloth, especially if made using cotton or bamboo yarn. The heart design along the edge just adds such a cute feature, which you could continue into one complete wash cloth. The choice is yours!

This design was one of my original crochet kit designs as well so I have fond memories of putting this kit together with lots of heart related themed accessories.

Purchase Here

And Finally, the winner is, coming in at Number 1
Heart Bunting

I picked my heart bunting crochet design as my all time favourite heart design because it is also one of the most popular HappyBerry designs I have ever designed! You guys love my heart bunting and I can see why because it's just so colourful and fun. I loved using cotton for this design in lots of different pastel colours because when I hung it up in my house is just immediately splashed colour around the house. It went up for a special occasion and just never came down! 

Such a fun and bright crochet pattern that you can use yarn scraps for, and pick up and put down at your leisure. 

Download Here

I hope you enjoyed this round up of HappyBerry heart related crochet designs. Like any of my designs, you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to enjoy them. They look beautiful at any time of the year and for any reason.

Which is your favourite? I would love to hear over on my Instagram. Just tag me at #happyberrycrochet with your heart makes!

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